Experience with WordPress!

My name is Kayla. I recently finished my MLIS at USF. I have had a few job interviews and most of them asked about my experience with online blogging software. My experience is pretty minimal, so I am here to get familiar with this tool and see what I can do as far as my own professional development. I hope to write down programs ideas that I am thinking about. I have always either written them down in a notebook (which has liberated itself from my clutches) or email the ideas to myself. I hope to come up with some cool program ideas that I can get started on developing for teens, children, and adults.

Thought 1: Sensory storytime! I have emailed many librarians who have done these types of programs for over a month and have enough feedback to know that we need some supplies to make this program successful.

Thought 2: Senior book club as a local senior center. I have read journal articles, but have not emailed anyone yet.

Thought 3: Library 5K. I have been working on this for over a year, just because it is such a time drainer.

Thought 4: Book battle

Thought 5: Florida Deaf Services

Thought 6: Coffee and conversation

Thought 7: coding for tweens

Thought 8: STEM Competition!!!!

You may wonder why I chose ‘sciencefairlibrarian’ as my blog name. Well, this time of year…I only seem to get questions about the science fair. I like the idea of the science fair, but it seems to inspire terror more than excitement in the budding scientists.


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